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This is the website of the Hobby King. I am the king of hobbies. Of all the people I know, I don't know anyone who spends more energy (or more money) on hobby stuff. As you can see from the links at left, I am into alot of different things. I am an electrical engineer by trade, and recently have achieved employment! This means not as much time to putts around with my site, but on the other hand, I have money to buy pointless computer upgrades and cool toys! Anyway, the purpose of The Hobby King is to present all the cool stuff I am into for your viewing enjoyment, and eventually to make some money. In the near future I hope to offer hobby/engineering advice, and some items to sell. I should also mention that I am a newbie web designer. If you see something bizarre on one of my pages, I would greatly appreciate an email, including what browser you are using.

Things are starting to look better with Netscape 6. There is still some funkyness, but I'm almost there.


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Computer Art


Coming Soon:

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